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 Not Being an Asshole 101

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PostSubject: Not Being an Asshole 101   Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:42 pm

Battlefront Manners

By Spidey Almighty

Hello folks, today I will show you in 10 easy steps how to succumb to the light side of the force and stop being such an asshole. You're going to like the way you look; I guarantee it.

- - - - - - - -
Step 1. Don't use aliases. While trying not to be an asshole, first and foremost, you shouldn't use an alias. This gives you the handicap advantage of knowing who the other team is and how they play, but you don't give the same right to them. Just remember, if you choose to change your name to an alias then you have already started to be an asshole even before entering the server. So, go in the server with your original name and wear it proudly.

Step 2. Don't team stack. If you see that the teams are unfair switch yourself or ask to be switched. You want to start the game off on the right foot or else people will be crabby for the whole game and everyone will be an asshole. Make it fair and people will play as such. People rarely start acting in an asshole manner out of the blue, most of the time there is a trigger. Don't be that guy that starts it, be the guy that fixes the problem before it even happens.

Step 3. Don't always be on the villains. Let go, expand your horizons and put your guard down. We're all friends here, you don't always have to be Sinister all the time, sometimes it's better to be Civil and it will take the tension out between you and the other team. Which leads me to the next two steps.

Step 4. Don't always be the choker. Giving others a chance to step up and play choker if they want to is a great non-asshole move. Hogging the choker all game can become tiresome for the other team as well as your teammates and will definitely get you the label of asshole.

Step 5. Don't always be the same character, especially if that character is a Luke, Anakin, or Vader. Those 3 are what I like to call the 'heavy hitters' and when abused they can cause major mayhem within an otherwise calm server. If you are one of these characters and you see two or three of your teammates being them, as well, switch immediately at the closest spawn point. When there gets to be an over-fluctuation of the same character no one can tell who is who, teams become lopsided, and things just get out of hand. Mix it up and people will see that you're not just a one-trick pony.

Step 6. Don't attack right outside of the spawn. No one likes getting spawn killed and likewise no one likes getting killed right OUTSIDE there spawn either. Give the other team some cushion like you would hope they would give you. If you're not sure if the person has just spawned or if they've been there for a while, your best bet is to take the non-asshole approach and push them, walk away from the battle, and then reset yourself. That way it is fair, you're not an asshole for it, and no one gets mad.

Step 7. Don't be afraid to die. In an open server, there is some teamwork going on but not to the same degree as what a 2v2 would have. So there really isn't a need to stay back and wait until people are off guard like you would in one. Be on the offensive, take some chances, be bold and people will respect you more for it. The open server should be where you go places and figure out some new tricks, not to stay in one place and keep to what your comfortable with.

Step 8. Don't taunt, no matter what. Whichever way you look at it, taunting is a negative thing. Your either expressing your hate and distaste for them or being immodest and disrespectful all in one simple gesture that could ignite the flames for a whole night's gaming. So just refrain yourself from doing it, no matter how much of an asshole the other guy is being.

Step 9. Use your voice and speak up. Some things can't be expressed through a gaming gesture or even an admin message. Often times, they come off the wrong way and get misinterpreted. So, open your mouth and speak up if something is bothering you, don't just let it fester until you become a ticking time bomb. You'll feel better about the situation, and you won't spread your assholery to others.

Step 10. Have some empathy. All in all, this is what it breaks down to. Think about how you would feel if you were in their position, what would you do and what would you want done? Don't be the cause of the problem, be the solution. Think with your head, not with your lightsaber.

- - - - - - -

If you follow all or any of these steps, I promise, you will feel better about yourself and people will look at you in a better and more respectable way from now on. Stay classy, my friends.

"With great power, comes the loss of many virginities." - Uncle Ben
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Not Being an Asshole 101
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